Top 9 Wedding Fears (And How to Overcome Them)

It’s literally a nightmare! Bad dreams about your worst wedding fears are all too common when you use what feels like every waking minute that contacts suppliers and coordinates space plans. The good news is you can do something about it! Here are ten wedding issues that can keep you up at night and our tips for putting them in bed for good.

1. You made the wrong decision.

It is easy to start second-guessing when you discover another wedding page that you love when you have committed yourself to something else.

How to handle: If you waited until you had seen all the options out there, you would never do it down at a time! Stop acting after signing on the dotted line to save yourself the unproductive pangs of regret.

2. You forgot something important.

With so many details to keep track of, random attacks of anxiety can occur at any time.

How to handle: Keep a notebook and pen by your bed for any moment of panic past midnight. Writing your thoughts down will help you relax and know that you can return to them in the morning. And remember that you are not alone! Your suppliers, partners, and loved ones are there to make sure you have everything covered.

3. Bad weather will ruin your plans.

We’ve all been there before an outdoor event that constantly refreshes the forecast and asks for the rainforests for a break in the clouds …

How to handle: Prepare a plan B if the weather does not cooperate and have photo-friendly umbrellas available for shade or shelter. If you have sorted your backups, you can turn off the radar and enjoy the lead up to your day.

4. People will not show up.

Guests, suppliers, even your partner! Sometimes fear is completely irrational, but it does not prevent them from playing on your mind.

How to handle: If you’ve confirmed RSVP’s with your guests and final details with your vendors in the last few weeks before the wedding, your job is done!

5. A guest will wear something inappropriate.

For some, this is their ultimate fear – one of their guests raises them in their own white outfit! Or do you know Uncle Ben turns up in shorts for your elegant cocktail party? Whether it’s black tie or beach chic, you want to make sure everyone is on the same page about what to wear.

How to handle: Include a dress code on your invitations and then release what is beyond your control. Everyone is there to celebrate with you and no outfit can distract from it!

6. Someone will cause a scene.

Family drama flaring up or a guest goes rogue after too many drinks spell wedding anniversary disaster.

How to handle: Come up with the best plan you can and try not to get caught up in trouble during the day. Ask someone who is familiar with the situation to keep an eye on things and get in before something comes out.

7. You scare yourself in front of everyone.

Whether you’re worried about stumbling down, crying under your promises or forgetting your first dance, it’s natural to feel nervous when all eyes are on you.

How to handle: If something happens, take a moment to assemble yourself and try to laugh! The awkward moment often stops being a fun memory.

8. Your guests will not enjoy themselves.

It can be tempting to plan every minute of your event to ensure that there is never a dull moment for your guests.

How to handle: Lack of how much your family and friends will enjoy a good conversation about delicious food and drink! There is no need to put your wedding full of activities to keep them entertained, just organize what you know you will enjoy.

9. You don’t want to look your best.

You can feel a lot of pressure in the wedding census to change the way you look through weight loss, beauty treatments or underwear that sucks your life!

How to handle: Remember that your partner marries you because they love you just as you are, so you don’t have to make a big change unless you want to. Up for your confidence with hair and makeup attempts, garments and a few shots with your photographer.

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